Best Cell Phone Deals

Cell Phones are the integral part of our daily activities. Beforehand when communicating with friends and families were tough and time consuming, cell phones has brought them just onto our hands. Not only the communications, nowadays will work as your fitness checker instead of your doctor.

Sounds puzzling? But it’s true. Leaving the boundary of calling facilities, text messaging, basic camera features or poor video quality Cell Phones have modified themselves and even got a new name called “Smartphone”.

Though sounds great but certainly not good news for your pocket. With the adoption of new features the price of Smartphone is raising high day by day. Most of them are beyond reach of mass people. Still the demands are not decreasing. Let’s have a look on a few of them.

iPhone 5S

No need to mention that these apple gadgets are dominating the cell phone market worldwide and will cost you more bucks than others. But experience of dealing iPhone will no longer remind you of the cost.

With an improvised form of the previous iPhone, it’s already high in demand. Faster processor, smooth touch, water resistant quality, Fingerprint sensor and captivating camera features will give you the best experience of dealing iPhone ever.

Samsung Galaxy S5

No doubt the next competitor is Samsung Galaxy S5, lower in price compared to iPhone but with ample apps and dazzling flashy screen has already proven to be the best among the users.

Though a less modified form of S4 still it has some fresh and unique features like fingerprint scanner and a heart rate monitor that are highly appreciated by the users. The price of S5 is lower than iPhone but higher than other rivalry company’s Smartphone.

Motorola Moto G

May be the most budgeted Smartphone we have now. Decent look, excellent touch, updated Smartphone features, 5mp rear camera and what not. Above all, everything is in your budget.

The main drawback of this phone is storage option, as it provides no SD card slot, only 8GB internal memories which are not enough to store more apps. Still what else can you expect in the budget?

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

Do you want your Smartphone to be the proper substitute of the camera? If yes, then it’s only for you-a perfect blending of zoom lens with Smartphone. It’s not a common pick, if your first preference is framing the memorable events and weight does not matter than surely, K Zoom is made only for you.

HTC Desire 500

A flawless, mid-range Android Smartphone that will surely allure one’s attention is HTC Desire 500. HTC has tried to put all the magic in a mid- range phone, especially who wants the Android magic in budget.

Google Nexus 5

Google and LG have finally delivered their dream project Google Nexus 5. The price of the product is the part that can hardly be denied. Within this range anyone can hardly even think of delivering Smart phones. The main hindrance is the storage as it provides no SD card slot. Without comparing with others, it’s the best in its own place.

Here’s A Quick Way to Get Free Cell Phone Service and Save Money On Your Phone Bill

Are you aware of all the facilities and services that are coming with your phone? Do you understand the basics of working a smart phone? It is not all that difficult and it can be figured pretty easy and very much to the advantage of the user too. One of the best ways to have your phone to have good free service will always help you to save on your phone bills. It is not the charge for maintaining the connection and paying for the calls that you make, and the texts that you send. But it is also about the internet connection that you maintain, and the data usage that you carry out.

Knowing Your Usage

As a new user of the phone, you might not be aware of the data usage that might come your way. So it is always better to be cautious at first, try out the free Wi-Fi networks and then judge on how much data it is that you are using, subscribing to in a month. Once you are decided on that issue, you can then settle on how much you want to spend on for getting the free services throughout.

Finding the Apps

There are many apps which let you do so much, for no charge at all. The apps only require you to have the necessary internet connection so as to get all the network usage for letting you make free calls across the world, and then also letting you avail the free texting services. The right apps come your way for free too; you can get them all on the internet, download them for free and then make the most of it. Most of the apps work fine on the Wi-Fi too, so it is not that you always have to have your mobile data on, it is okay to connect through the wireless.

Tethering Hotspots

All the apps and services which come your way for free always need internet connection. So one of the ways by which you can cut on your phone bill is by tethering hotspots which are portable, on the laptop which already uses an internet connection. Once you create a hotspot, you can put an access code and then use your mobile to access the wireless so created on your laptop, and access it for free.

Cheap Plans

There are data plans out there which do not charge high, but give optimum services. This is of great help in terms of finding exactly what you need and how much you need. For the mobile connections these days come with many number of options for giving the best of deals and services to the customers of course. It is the company that you use the connection of, and some other service providers which can also offer you free data connections, like that of Freedom Pop. So if you are an internet enthusiast, try evaluating all these options before settling for any.

How to Sign Up For Free Cell Phone Service With Assist Wireless

When you look for cell phone service, you will definitely have to check for those options that can help you supporting to have those cell phones in your hands. What are cell phones mainly useable for? These cell phones do give you the information from any part of the country, wherever you are; you can easily text messages when you are in an emergency situation, not turning to answer the call; when you wish to listen to music or listen to radio, you can by using it; looking for the option of acting as the communication passing option, then definitely cell phone can be your choice.

When you are looking for the cell phones to help you in all your moments acting as the communication tool and not as the barrier, then you can approach the service providers to pick the most exact one which you like. But, when you are not able to purchase the cell phone for you, you need to check those services which are available at the ends to meet your needs. There is certain eligibility criteria which you need to analyze and consider, to benefit you by picking the most free-cellular services.

Analyze and Utilize

Assist wireless phone is actually the option which can benefit you from all the ends, whereby this assist wireless is actually helping those who are low salaried, or standing below the poverty line, etc by having a tie up with the government to meet the needs of common man. There are certain qualifications and also eligibility pattern which the government sets for you to enable it for you, which includes

  • Food stamps
  • Assistance for families TANF
  • NSL
  • Food distribution programs

There are still more options which you can pick to benefit you under all circumstances. These are some of the options which you need to analyze and also review by getting the professional’s advice thereby you can be clear and make the options to help you in all possible options. The professional’s advice can help you to pick the suitable option benefiting you, so that you can know what to possess in your hands and what not to, which can help you get the free cellular phones for your assistance.

The Details

Check for the qualification or the eligibility which your state follows, thereby you can get the advantages to you. You should have the household income at or below than 135% of the guidelines which the government states for poverty. You need to provide the valid proof and also the supporting factors for you to show that you stand in the level or line whereby you are turning eligible to acquire the free cellular phones for your needs with the assistance of assist wireless. All those proofs you submit must turn supporting you and also your statements too, else you are not to be provided with free cell phones. Browse and know the right steps which you need to carry on apart from the above mentioned tips to sign up for the free cell phones.

What Do You Do If Assist Wireless Doesn’t Provide Service in Your Area?

First, don’t fret! As it turns out, there are dozens of companies who provide free or subsidized government cell phone service all over the United States.  The largest carriers include Assurance Wireless, Reachout Wireless, and Safelink Wireless.  While Assurance Wireless and Safelink Wireless are the largest carriers, I prefer the cell phone selection that Reachout Wireless offers.  To learn more about Reachout Wireless, check this link out.

Safelink Wireless currently offers the best deal in town due to a limited time promotion.  For a customers first three months, you can now receive 500 free cell phone minutes and 1,000 text messages a month.  After the end of the first three months the number of minutes drops back down to 250 free minutes a month.